An Interview with International Learning Center

International Learning Center has been providing child care to children ages 0-5 for four years. Located in a diverse area of Denver, CO, International Learning Center currently serves 77 CCCAP children and teaches three languages (English, Spanish, and Arabic). The center has been using ELV services since January 2018, and they value the time and cost savings they experience from using Alliance CORE. Below is an interview with Amgad Aburass, Business Manager at International Learning Center.

1. Why did you decide to start working in child care?
My wife and I love children. So, with my wife’s previous experience in child care, we wanted to start helping the children in our community. Our community is very diverse, and we serve a lot of low income families and refugees. My wife is the center’s director and works directly with the parents and families, while I support human resources and external communication.

2. Since your partnership began with ELV in January 2018, what improvements have you seen in your child care?
Being able to sign children in and out using CORE has been a huge relief for us. We can see which children are in the center and can easily move them from class to class. Also, we love how CORE alerts us to expired physical examinations and when immunizations are due. We’re also in the process of moving all of our hard copy documentation into digital copies. This will save us money on overhead costs and a lot of time for myself. I wont be spending as much time going through paperwork and spreadsheets. CORE is truly a convenient tool for us.

3. What are you most proud of?
The diversity of our center—it’s in our name. We teach three languages: English, Spanish, and Arabic.

4. So far, what has your experience working with ELV been?
ELV’s Client Support has been really great. They always pick up the phone and are always quick to help us with whatever we need.

5. Anything else you’d like to add?
We are looking forward to continue to work with ELV so we can better serve the children in our community.

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