What’s Up Wednesday

#WhatsUpWednesday – Time-Space Percentage Overview

Join us as we meet with ELV staff members Michael Taylor (Membership Development Manager) and Elsa Sackett Warren (Leadership Development Manager) to go over all things Time-Space Percentage inside the Alliance CORE child care management system. They will cover its functions and how to use it as well as explain why it’s important regarding child

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#WhatsUpWednesday – ECE Huddles at Healthy Child Care CO

Join us as we meet Becky Edwards, MA ED, Early Childhood Specialist at Healthy Child Care Colorado, as she shares all the information about the COVID-19 Clinical Support for Early Childhood Settings Huddles. where to find helpful resources and more!Website: https://healthychildcareco.org/ Becky’s email: becky@healthychildcareco.org Follow us on social media

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#WhatsUpWednesday – Cooking Matters Pizza and Pudding Demo

Join us as we meet with Paul Soderstrom and Elizabeth Alden, from Cooking Matters Colorado, as they do a mini-pizza demo and a pudding in a bag demo for our network. They’ll let us know of some commonly asked questions regarding nutrition for children specifically and will share resources for where you can go to

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#WhatsUpWednesday – Billing Module Testimonial

Join us as we meet with Corey West, owner of her family child care home here in Colorado as we gain her testimonial and feedback on ELV’s Alliance CORE billing module. She’ll cover what she likes about it and how it’s been a beneficial aspect of her business while also relieving stress regarding receiving payments

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