Child Care Management System

Streamline Your Administrative Processes With Our Alliance CORE System

If your current management system is inaccurate, time-consuming, or difficult to use, then we should talk! 

Have You Heard About Our Mobile Features?

Want to promote more Parent engagement? Our Mobile features are the perfect way for your families to be more involved and connected with you, their child care provider.

Save Time & Money 

Spend More Time With Children & Staff 

Easily Run & Manage Your Program

Save Time & Money 

Spend More Time With Children & Staff 

Easily Run & Manage Your Program

What Can Alliance CORE Help You With?

  • Record Keeping
  • Tracking Attendance
  • Child Care Licensing Compliance
  • Enrollment Management
  • Tuition Invoicing 
  • Payment Tracking
  • And Much More!

Stop Wasting Time Running Your Child Care Program

1. Schedule a Demo

Schedule your free demo to see how ELV can save you time and money. 

2. Get Started

We’ll walk you through the onboarding process to make the transition as painless as possible. 

3. Your Life Gets Easier

With Early Learning Ventures, your program will be easier to run and your families will love you for it. 

Common Licensing Violations Revealed 

Are you aware of the most common licensing violations?

Thanks to our partnerships with state agencies we’ve compiled a list of the most common licensing violations. Download this FREE checklist today!

What Our Child Care Providers Have To Say

"When it comes to my business, Early Learning Ventures is like my best friend. Their training and support are amazing. ELV is truly invested in the success of my business and there to help me when I need it. Their child care management system makes running my business easier, saves a ton of time, and ensures we don't miss a single detail."

Luiza Oprea,

Aurora Kids Learning Center

"Early Learning Ventures has eliminated licensing and compliance headaches for our school. Everything we need is right there in the system. Our parents love the online enrollment, attendance tracking, and communication tools within ELV. And when we run into any problems, ELV has great customer service to support us. I highly recommend Early Learning Ventures."

Jacquelyn Greenbaum,

Renaissance Montessori Academy

“Working with ELV has cutdown on my paperwork and makes running my program convenient for me. I would advise anyone having trouble with their paperwork or just having free time for themselves to try ELV. “

Adrian Baker,

Dreamers Day Camp  

Learn More About Our Child Care Management System - Alliance CORE

Child care management systems are the pinnacle of technological aid in the child care industry. Most can help with the majority of your administrative needs – attendance-tracking, enrollment, billing, record-keeping, and more. However, since there is so much that can be stored, automated, and tracked inside these systems… don’t you want to make sure you’re using it correctly?

That is one of the main benefits of Alliance CORE, the shared services-based child care management system. Built and managed in-house by Early Learning Ventures, we focus on relationship-building and client support. With a robust onboarding process, we will walk you through every part of the system you’d like to learn – all with the personal connection that comes from a small team.

Our cloud-based system provides a foundation for providers to save time and run your business more smoothly, especially when being trained on best practices. The automated processes found within the system will allow directors to know that your billing, that your CACFP, that your attendance… that ALL of your administrative pieces are running smoothly. And when you know that is running smoothly; it allows you to focus on the reason you got into child care – the children!

Want to confirm that Alliance CORE can do all the administrative tasks you need help with? We’re more than happy to walk with you on a one-on-one demo of the system! Whether you need to move off of paper, or away from a different, poorly implemented system, we’re here to work with you each step of the way!

Our mantra is, “if it is going to take you 2+ minutes to figure something out, just call us instead.” We hold to that – if that’s something that sounds like what you need, well… you know the mantra!
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