September 25, 2017

ELV recently hosted the “Coordinated Approaches To Child Health” (CATCH) training for our Early Head Start (EHS) partners in Mesa County. Utilizing Head Start standards for physical activity and nutrition, CATCH training supports early childhood educators and professionals in improving the quality of their care . CATCH introduces more 500 activities for children, which increase gross motor, locomotor, and non-locomotor skills. This training also helps early childhood educators learn how to enhance their early learning environments and materials to aide childhood development.

Nutrition is addressed through nine lesson plans that include many hands-on cooking activities, allowing children to be a part of their own nutrition at an early age. Healthy messages are also taught to ECE educators, so they may share materials and resources—like parent newsletters in dual languages—with their families. This component of CATCH is incredibly important in creating a partnership between educators, families, and their children—bringing the learning full circle.

Director Denesha Gibbs of Country Care even said, “My experience with catch training was fantastic! I enjoyed being with my fellow child care providers, and the new activities that we learned were very helpful.”

Additionally, Kris Edmunds, Director of Country Kids, noted that the CATCH training was interactive and the providers had the opportunity to learn hands on how to increase physical activity during winter when you can’t always go outside.

CATCH also aligns with Colorado Shines’, Colorado’s Quality Rating and Improvement System, areas of child health, family partnership, and learning environments. These continuous improvement efforts help support ELV partners to achieve high quality early learning environments and enrich their curriculum.

Thank you to our partners for continually improving the quality of ECE! We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.