Early Head Start

Our Early Head Start Child Care Partnerships Program (EHS-CCP) Supports Eligible Children & Families In Underserved Areas Across Colorado 

Through ELV, these federal grants allow services to be provided through licensed child care centers and licensed family child care homes. 

Support for Children & Families 

Support for Infant & Toddler Teachers 

Support for Site Leadership 

Support for Children & Families 

Support for Infant & Toddler Teachers 

Support for Site Leadership 

What Can EHS-CCP Provide Your Program? 

      • Business Development

      • Leadership Development

      • Professional Development

      • Family Development

      • Community Development

Next Steps to Partnership 

1. Join The ELV 


You must be part of the ELV network to qualify & apply for this program, so that’s the first step. 

2. Apply to Participate


Once you are part of the ELV network, we are available to guide you through the application process. 

3. Become an EHS Child

Care Partner 

Now it’s time to start enjoying the benefits of the EHS-CCP . 

Common Licensing Violations Revealed 

Are you aware of the most common licensing violations?

Thanks to our partnerships with state agencies we’ve compiled a list of the most common licensing violations. Download this FREE checklist today!

What Our Child Care Providers Have To Say

"When it comes to my business, Early Learning Ventures is like my best friend. Their training and support are amazing. ELV is truly invested in the success of my business and there to help me when I need it. Their child care management system makes running my business easier, saves a ton of time, and ensures we don't miss a single detail."

Luiza Oprea,

Aurora Kids Learning Center

"Early Learning Ventures has eliminated licensing and compliance headaches for our school. Everything we need is right there in the system. Our parents love the online enrollment, attendance tracking, and communication tools within ELV. And when we run into any problems, ELV has great customer service to support us. I highly recommend Early Learning Ventures."

Jacquelyn Greenbaum,

Renaissance Montessori Academy

“Working with ELV has saved both our learning centers time and money. Everything we need to efficiently and effectively manage our business is right at our fingertips. We especially love the attendance tracking system and CCCAP integration in the Alliance CORE child care management system. On top of that, the ELV team has been great to work with.“

Dania Kasim, 

Little Boots Early Learning Center & Rising Star Early Learning Center 

Additional EHS-CCP Information 

For additional information about EHS-CCP please check out the following resources: 

Learn More About Early Head Start

Early Learning Ventures is the grantee for two Early Head Start Child Care Partnerships (EHS-CCP) awards, which are spread across six Colorado counties. The EHS-CCP model is different – rather than housing all 350 EHS slots across 3-4 centers, we spread them out amongst 45 licensed child care facilities.

This communal approach allows for further spread of the wonderful Early Head Start program philosophies, with those 350 slots estimated to indirectly impact an additional 3,500 children. If you’re a provider in Arapahoe, Adams, Garfield, Mesa, Morgan, or Pueblo County, and you’re interested in knowing more about partnership opportunities, please reach out to us!

We are also partnering with other organizations that would like to pursue EHS-CCP awards. Our cloud-based child care management system, Alliance CORE, has everything needed to run this wider iteration of Early Head Start funding. We are happy to meet and learn about your organization’s aims and can lend our expertise when pursuing these awards.
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