Early Learning Ventures Awarded $20,000 Grant from The Packard Foundation Fund for Pueblo

The Packard Foundation Fund for Pueblo granted Early Learning Ventures (ELV) $20,000 as part of their mission to focus on early learning.

This grant will specifically go to ELV’s Pueblo County team to support the coaching staff to help build stronger business practices and higher quality child care services in Pueblo County.

ELV helps providers save time and money so they can invest more in improving their quality of care. ELV helps providers build their business practices through our Resource Platform and Alliance CORE. The Resource Platform is a website (accessible only to ELV partners) that offers marketing materials, human resources materials, discounts on school supplies, classroom tools and activities and much more. Secondly, ELV’s child management system, Alliance CORE, keeps track of records, attendance, and tuition, as well as aligns with licensing and other regulatory agencies.

In addition, ELV works directly with providers to help build stronger families through our Quality Child Care Partnership (QCCP), Healthy Options for Preschoolers (HOP) program, and MERAGEhelp. With QCCP, providers have access to a Family Support Specialist, Quality Improvement Specialist and assistance from the Leadership Team. HOP gives providers the opportunity to teach healthy eating habits to children and families with healthy food demonstrations and ELV provided recipes. Lastly, MERAGEhelp works with providers to find volunteers to help improve their early learning environment.

Thank you to The Packard Foundation Fund for Pueblo. ELV is grateful for the extra support for our Pueblo County team to improve the quality of early childhood education in Pueblo County.


For more information about The Packard Foundation Fund for Pueblo click here.

For more information about ELV click here.


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