October 9, 2014

The Provider Self Service Portal (PSSP) is launching soon in Colorado, and the first phase of testing is being offered to Early Learning Ventures (ELV) Affiliate childcare providers on Tier 3 services. A training was hosted at the ELV offices on September 30 to ensure all providers were trained and ready to be the first ones to test the portal before the full state-wide release. This training was part of the organization’s larger partnership with the Colorado Office of Early Childhood and encompasses functionality and usability testing elements for the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program’s (CCCAP) Child care Automated Tracking System (CHATS) Provider Self-Service Module (PSSP) with the goals of ensuring a smooth transition for ELV Affiliates and to streamline testing and feedback to capture ideas for system enhancements.

PSSP’s new web-based system offers immediate benefits. Through this portal, providers no longer need to contact the County to get answers to questions or find the information they need on a daily basis. PSSP provides real-time online access to help:

  • Determine if an Adult Caretaker checked a child in and out for a given day and if the attendance was recorded and approved
  • Determine if a child is authorized for a particular day and for how long
  • Determine if you were paid for a day of care and how much
  • Find information in several ways: Correspondence, Reports, Online Screens