July 16, 2015

Last week, ELV hosted a training on the ELV Resource platform and Alliance CORE where more than 50 Licensing Specialists from across the state of Colorado were in attendance. This expanded partnership with the State of Colorado’s Office of Early Childhood now allows for Licensing Specialists to be able to review an ELV Affiliate child care provider’s child, family, and staff files remotely before they even step foot on the program’s site.

The Alliance CORE child care management system is a web application that allows child care providers to easily administer record keeping for families and staff, track attendance, remain compliant with child care licensing, manage enrollment and subsidies, and much more. Through the expansion of the knowledge of this technology to Licensing Specialists, it not only benefits the providers in day to day record keeping and reporting, but is now also a key resource to Licensing Specialists for data pulls and looking over key information in advance of licensing reviews.

“Through this new option for a remote data pull and pre-arrival review, Child Care Licensing Specialists are now able to prepare and review files in advance of their site visits to child care providers, allowing for their on-site time to focus on spot checking and validating a few key pieces of data rather than starting from scratch and having to physically review and touch all of that paperwork while at the site – like was previously required,” said Mia Pritts, ELV Implementation Manager. “Overall, this saves them loads of time which they can then redirect back into the program with whom they are visiting, meaning more time spent in classrooms, program building, developing deeper relationships with the providers, providing technical assistance around the new Colorado Shines system, and so much more,” Mia added.

Licensing Specialists were also trained on ELV’s Resource Platform which is powered by CCA For Social Good and offers a variety of resources including marketing materials, HR, classroom tools, cost savings, and more. Specialists were shown the many tools and resources that are available through the platform that can assist them when they are on-site working with child care providers. For example, the platform has a printable hand-washing poster, so if they notice a program is missing this type of poster, they can instantly log in to the platform and print it for them to hang.

“The ELV Resource Platform access is a win-win for providers and licensing because there are so many helpful resources that we can share with providers that will help them tremendously,” said Niki Gill, Director of Community Based Child Care Licensing at The Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council. “Not only are there templates for handbooks and enrollment forms, but there are even free trainings which I get asked about all the time by providers,” she added.

Overall, the implementation of these new resources for Licensing Specialists support ELV’s mission by saving even more time and money that can be reinvested in quality building initiatives for Colorado’s children.