October 21, 2015

Through a $3.1 million grant from the Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership that was awarded to ELV earlier this year, ELV is employing a unique, five-prong approach to increasing the quality of child care in Arapahoe, Garfield, Mesa, and Pueblo counties.

ELV is thrilled to report that through the first nine months of the year, we have contracted a total of 26 early childhood programs across the four counties to be a part of the program, and have enrolled 200 children at these facilities. These programs and families will benefit from ELV’s one-of-a-kind model that simultaneously addresses the following key aspects of enhancing quality in ECE programs:

  • Sustaining the business model and infrastructure
  • Strengthening leadership
  • Increasing school readiness
  • Engaging families
  • Partnering with the community

The model also employs program evaluation and continuous quality improvement, ongoing compliance monitoring, and innovative family engagement practices, impacting the entire community. For example, all providers in the network are given the easy to use, adaptive, Creative Curriculum for use in their classrooms (as pictured), extending the benefits of this evidence-based tool to ALL children in their care!

Once providers join the program, the ELV team begins a gap analysis, including an in-person visit to their program to gather baseline data on their operations, financial health, and environment quality. From there, a customized plan is built for each provider based on their needs. For example, where opportunities to strengthen leadership exist, the plan will include advanced education for teachers in the child care field. So far, 47 total teachers across the four counties are enrolled in a college course this fall to further develop their skills and education in the area of early childhood care and education and ELV anticipates more than 200 more will follow suit.

*Photo of family home providers Stephanie and Roger Olson receiving Creative Curriculum alongside 3 of the children in their program.