Health and Wellness at the Workplace

Health and wellness… I’m sure you’ve heard that one before but really what are you doing every day to better your health? Do you take the time to have a 15-minute break or drink enough water? Are you active or attempting to get your steps in?

At ELV, we value our team member’s health and wellness, so over the past week, our Quality Child Care Partnership  team participated in a training about Health and Wellness at the Workplace. We spent time discussing the challenges we face, in addition to understanding how important it is to take time to care for ourselves. This included starting self-care kits and discussing healthy techniques to deal with everyday stress.

Investing in health and wellness can make a significant impact on an organization by improving team moral and overall health and happiness. An investment like this can also help you and your employees be more productive at work and take less sick days—thus saving your organization both time and money. Don’t forget: at the end of the day, if you can’t take care of yourself, it’s harder for you to help other people.

For some quick tips and tricks on health and wellness click here.

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