How To Choose the Best Text Messaging App for Your Child Care Business

How To Choose The Best Possible Text Messaging App/System For Your Child Care Business

Over 97% of Americans own a smartphone, with the average person using his or her smartphone for at least three hours each day. The widespread ownership and high daily use of smartphones make these devices the best way for parents to exchange important information, updates, and communications with their child’s caregivers in 2022. To enable communication with parents on mobile devices, child care providers and early educators are adopting parent communication apps.

What Is a Text Messaging App and System?

A text messaging app or system is a communication platform that enables two-way communication between a child care provider and a parent or guardian. The text messaging app also supplies a calendar or calendar app that allows parents to view their child’s upcoming activities and events. Parents can send text messages, pictures, and videos from their smartphones to the child care provider. Similarly, it offers an efficient method for you to involve parents in their child's care.

Most Important Features in a Text Messaging System

With so many options on the market, it's crucial to design a system and choose an app that will best suit your needs. At Early Learning Ventures (ELV), we've designed an all-inclusive child care management system to help child care providers stay on top of communication and reporting. Let's dive into seven features that set ELV apart from its competitors.

1. In-app Direct and Mass Communication

First and foremost, the ELV ecosystem has both direct and mass communication features. This way you can easily send a message to all parents at the same time. This kind of communication is useful when you need to send parents an urgent message or information such as an event cancellation or schedule change.

2. Text Alerts for Emergency Communication

Next, an efficient text messaging app should have text alert templates, policies, and procedures set up for emergency contact. You can set up different text message alerts to send parents an emergency message.

3. Customizable Kiosk Messages for Updates and Reminders

Then, consider investing in a kiosk messaging system. Think of it as a digital message board. With a kiosk messaging system, you can display a message or photo on a digital screen inside your child care center where parents are likely to see it. Simply download the digital app onto your smart tv screen and update messages from a central system. This is a good way to communicate general announcements with parents.

4. Shareable Child Care Calendar and Event Schedule

Another critical feature of all the ELV systems is a shareable calendar. With this feature, parents can view their child’s events and activities on their smartphones. You can use this feature to share information about upcoming events in your child care center with parents. You can also share important information such as vacation schedules and the dates of holidays with parents.

5. Create and Email Child Care Newsletters

You can create and design an attractive newsletter to share information about your child care center, your teaching methods, and tips on effective parenting. This feature can be used to let parents know about upcoming events in the child care center. You can also share important information such as vacation schedules with parents.

6. Daily Activity Reports

Having an app with built-in reports can be a game-changer for a childcare business. Not only could it reduce time spent on admin, but parents can view this report on their smartphone at their convenience. The daily activity report is a good way to keep parents informed about their child’s activities and progress in your child care center. With the ELV system, parents have a designated app where they can access reports with limited options.

7. Photo and Video Sharing

Finally, the perfect texting app should have photo and video sharing capabilities. One of the most popular features of parent communication apps is the ability to share photos and videos through the app. This allows parents to see their child’s daily activities and photos of the activities in which their children are taking part. Sharing photos and videos may also be helpful if a parent misses an appointment because of an unexpected work schedule change. Through the use of a photo or video, a parent can still view the activities in which their child is participating and observe their child’s developmental progress.

Four Benefits of Text Messaging System for Child Care Businesses

1. Enhance Your Emergency Planning

Texting apps are an effective way to share information with parents about your emergency preparedness plans and procedures. If a child becomes ill, or there is inclement weather, you can use the app to inform parents and provide updated pickup details. This type of communication is helpful to parents who may not have access to a computer due to work or travel schedules.

2. Build Trusting Relationships that Increase Customer Retention

When parents feel as if they are part of a childcare community, they are more likely to stay at your center and feel comfortable referring to their friends and family members. Parent communication apps provide a way for you to share important information with parents and give them opportunities to interact with one another in online forums and chat rooms.

3. Keep Parents Engaged with Their Child's Development

Many child care communication apps offer developmental tracking systems that allow parents to track their child’s progress and developmental milestones. Parents can log in to the app and see what their child has been doing during the day, as well as track their child’s growth.

4. Quickly Resolve Child Care Issues

Because most communication apps offer a two-way communication system, you can quickly resolve issues and respond to concerns from parents. If a parent has a concern about their child’s day, you can address that issue with your staff members as soon as you receive the parent’s communication.


If you are considering adding a parent communication app to your business, the ELV child care management system is a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

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