Improve Access to Quality Care

Policymakers, advocates and funders can help free up child care providers to do what they do best—care for and educate children and families—and get assistance with the rest, such as managing government subsidy programs, compliance, licensing, and billing.

The Challenge

Most early care and education (ECE) programs are delivered by the private sector – approximately 85% – in nonprofit, faith-based, and for-profit centers, as well as thousands of home-based businesses. Unlike our K-12 and higher education systems, which have their own infrastructure, ECE cannot be described as a system. The lack of coordination and a unifying infrastructure in the sector results in fragmented services that are difficult for parents to navigate.

Most ECE organizations function on very weak business platforms with cumbersome and blended funding streams, resulting in few economies of scale. Low profitability and weak business platforms have an impact on ECE quality. Poor to mediocre programs do not help children get ready for school. This quality gap presents an additional challenge for parents, who are the majority funders for ECE: high quality ECE is costly and therefore unaffordable to most parents.

An Innovative Solution: Early Learning Ventures

Early Learning Ventures (ELV) supplies child care providers with the tools and resources they need to create a strong business foundation. That foundation supports the infrastructure for the building blocks of a strong child care program, freeing up time and money to focus on improving the quality of their care and education.
An Innovative SOlution

Bring the ELV Model to Your Community

For young children, every environment is a learning environment, regardless of where they are. Despite the significant influence of child care experiences on development and learning, and the millions of children in child care, early childhood experts agree that the quality of these programs varies greatly, but is, on average, of mediocre quality. A solution to this conundrum is to help child care centers overcome the challenges associated with delivering high-quality services and ensure these programs realize their full potential in promoting early learning and child development.

ELV is dedicated to this mission, and has created a unique technology centered model of shared services that provides a comprehensive suite of business management services to significantly reduce the administrative and regulatory burdens on child care providers so they can focus on program quality.

This comprehensive model offers the most proven, robust, and flexible technology solution for early childhood education shared services, making it completely unique and ideal for growth. ELV is positioned to leverage its technology, intellectual capital, staffing infrastructure, and industry expertise to scale outside of Colorado. The optimal expansion scenario will be for ELV to link arms with a regional operating partner and together work with the respective child care regulatory authority to customize the model for local conditions.

To learn more about delivering ELV’s model in your state, please download our documents on Home-Based Child Care (HBCC) or on both HBCC and Child Care Centers:

Home-Based Child Care  Home-Based Child Care & Child Care Centers

For additional information on direct costs and revenue growth opportunities related to ELV’s model, please contact Judy Williams, Executive Director of ELV, at or 303-789-2664 x225.