CCTCLogoThe Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (CCTC) is a valuable resource for both child care providers and taxpayers to receive a financial incentive. CCTC enables individual and business taxpayers who make a monetary contribution to promote child care and early education in Colorado to claim a state income tax credit of 50% of the total qualifying contribution. The money goes directly to qualified child care providers and can be used to enhance programs, purchase equipment and facilities, staff training, financial assistance for child care, and referral services.

If you are a child care provider and want to learn more about how you can utilize the CCTC to benefit your program, click here for access to a toolkit of resources.

Interested in Making a Donation for the CCTC?

As a donor, you can make your donation directly to any licensed child care program in the state of Colorado. The child care program will complete a DR1317 Form and give you a copy to attach to your income taxes.

Don’t Know a Child Care Program to Give To? ELV Can Help!

ELV is excited to be a registered “Intermediary” with the State of Colorado for the CCTC. This means ELV is authorized to accept donations for the tax credit from individuals and businesses who want to make a contribution, but do not know what specific child care program they want to support. ELV will then grant scholarships directly to child care programs in its network to support those who are in most need of program enhancements.

To make a donation, click here and select “ELV Child Care Tax Credit Donation” in the ELV Center drop down.


Click here to check out Colorado EPIC’s video on the benefits to taxpayers and early childhood education through CCTC featuring ELV’s Tim Garcia.