ELV offers a market-oriented solution that supports the business foundation for child care providers, and has measurable impact. By joining ELV, early care and education businesses become stronger, more accountable, financially sound, efficient, and better equipped to offer affordable high-quality services for children and their families.

Science tells us ensuring that all children ages birth to five have access to high-quality early care and education will lead to individual and societal dividends of incalculable measure. The facts cannot be ignored, a solution cannot be delayed. Every day the window of opportunity closes for our children — future doctors, presidents, and teachers are depending on you to be their voice. It is time for the ECE industry to act upon a substantial and growing body of research and build strong, community-based networks that will truly improve learning and behavior; academic achievement, economic productivity, and successful parenting of the next generation.

“By investing in early care and education we are preparing our children for the future. And the future of our children is in the hands of all of us. Education is always your way up”
– David Merage

Bring the ELV Model to Your Community

For young children, every environment is a learning environment, regardless of where they are. Despite the significant influence of child care experiences on development and learning, and the millions of children in child care, early childhood experts agree that the quality of these programs varies greatly, but is, on average, of mediocre quality. A solution to this conundrum is to help child care centers overcome the challenges associated with delivering high-quality services and ensure these programs realize their full potential in promoting early learning and child development.

ELV is dedicated to this mission, and has created a unique technology centered model of shared services that provides a comprehensive suite of business management services to significantly reduce the administrative and regulatory burdens on child care providers so they can focus on program quality.

This comprehensive model offers the most proven, robust, and flexible technology solution for early childhood education shared services, making it completely unique and ideal for growth. ELV is positioned to leverage its technology, intellectual capital, staffing infrastructure, and industry expertise to scale outside of Colorado. The optimal expansion scenario will be for ELV to link arms with a regional operating partner and together work with the respective child care regulatory authority to customize the model for local conditions.

To learn more about delivering ELV’s model in your state, please download our documents on Home-Based Child Care (HBCC) or on both HBCC and Child Care Centers:

Home-Based Child Care  Home-Based Child Care & Child Care Centers

For additional information on direct costs and revenue growth opportunities related to ELV’s model, please contact Judy Williams, Executive Director of ELV, at jwilliams@earlylearningventures.org or 303-789-2664 x225.