In 2017, ELV contracted with APA Consulting to independently research the benefits and savings ELV
offers early childhood education (ECE) providers. Through interviews with 16 child care providers, APA
found that these providers saved an average of $22 per child by utilizing ELV services, such as bulk
buying discounts, credit card fee discounts, staff trainings, and payroll and human resource services.
These same providers also achieved substantial indirect savings in terms of staff time—saving, on
average, 11 hours of time per child annually. Taking into account direct dollar savings, indirect savings
in terms of time, and fees paid for ELV services, this analysis found that ELV services yield an average
net annual savings of $247 per child for participating ELV providers.

What Does This Mean for Child Care Providers?

Utilizing APA’s analysis, a child care provider who is considering using ELV’s services–with the typical
level of fidelity and consistency—can expect to save about $247 for every child enrolled in their
program. (This means a child care center with 30 students enrolled has the potential to save $7,410
annually.) However, child care providers can actually save more money depending on their familiarity
and experience with ELV’s services. In APA’s study, some programs reported saving more than $10,000
per year and one program reported saving more than $60,000 per year.

Based on these figures, APA calculated that providers can save on
average $11 for every $1 spent on ELV services.

If you’d like to learn more about how ELV’s services save child care providers both time and money, download the executive summary of ELV’s 2017 Return on Investment Study below.

Download 2017 ROI Study

If you’d like access to the full report, please contact Judy Williams, Executive Director of ELV, at or 303-789-2664 x225.