Lt. Gov. Garcia Tours Early Learning Ventures Alliances in Aurora


On Tuesday, June 28, 2011, Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia toured two Early Learning Ventures Alliance at Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council affiliate child care programs in Aurora, CO.

On Tuesday, June 28, 2011, Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia toured two Early Learning Ventures Alliance at Arapahoe County Early Childhood Council affiliate child care programs in Aurora, CO.  Lt. Gov. Garcia met with the children and families benefiting from the high-quality child care at Little Angels Child Care Center and Parker Learning Center. Also in attendance was the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Human Services, Reggie Bicha, the Colorado Department of Human Services Director of Childcare Licensing, Rosemarie Allen, and the Early Childhood Leadership Commission Executive Director, Jennifer Stedron.

“Quality early childhood learning and child care programs are vital to creating healthy, vibrant Colorado neighborhoods and communities,” said Lt. Gov. Garcia. “I am pleased to see how this level of successful collaboration and partnership through Early Learning Ventures is serving the children of our state.”

Approximately 85% of early care and education (ECE) programs are delivered by the private sector. Unlike the K-12 and higher education systems, which have their own infrastructure, ECE cannot be described as a system. The lack of coordination and a unifying infrastructure in the sector often results in fragmented services that are difficult for parents to navigate.

Early Learning Ventures (ELV), a non-profit ECE organization focused in expanding access to high-quality, affordable child care to Colorado families. ELV developed the “Alliance” model as a community-based partnership approach that serves small, independent child care providers who work together and deliver services in a more efficient way. By creating a centralized operations hub for these small businesses, Alliances can achieve economies of scale to support the delivery of high-quality services. Alliances increase the capacity and quality of ECE providers that serve a high number of low-income, TANF-eligible families. Utilization of these services saves child care providers a significant amount of time and money. Affiliated child care providers are then required to reinvest these reclaimed revenues and time savings back into their ECE programs through quality improvement initiatives such as an investment in nutritious meal options, curriculum, or staff benefits.

ELV provides their Alliances with access to a customized technology platform and technical support to enable each Alliance to attract and retain a network of 100 ECE businesses in three years, with the capacity to serve 1,000+ children daily, organization-wide. Currently, there are 9 active Alliances with potential to reach over 9,000 children. Over 75% of ELV child care providers serve families receiving child care subsidies in three and four star quality-rated and accredited programs. This visionary approach to ECE will increase access to high quality child care, promote school readiness, invigorate the local economy with 1000+ stable business owners, and support self-sufficiency for working families for whom dependable and affordable child care is critical.

ELV is working to achieve the following goals: 1. All children will have the opportunity to succeed in high-quality early care and education programs and will be better prepared to succeed in school and ultimately, in life. 2. Child care providers have access to the tools they need to manage their child care businesses more efficiently and effectively. 3. High-quality child care outcomes are tracked and monitored leading to a more capable, productive, and valuable workforce that pays dividends to America for generations to come.

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