April 18, 2013

Yesterday, National Public Radio (NPR) ran a story on the state of America’s child care entitled “The Hell of America’s Day Care: Expensive and Mediocre.” To read or listen to the full article, click here.

This represents an important national discussion and we support NPR bringing further light to the situation. Each day, millions of children ranging in age from six weeks to 14 years old are placed in some form of child care arrangement while parents work. A majority of these children are placed in paid child care arrangements that range from for-profit and nonprofit center-based arrangements to care that is offered out of a provider’s home (also known as “family child care”). The quality of such “market-based” child care varies widely, but has been found to be, on average, of mediocre quality.

Early Learning Ventures (ELV) is the innovative non-regulatory solution designed to mitigate the effects of chld care market imperfections and improve child care quality. This unique solution brings together networks of strong nonprofit organizations to start ELV Allliances which then act as streamlined, central hubs to provide business support for the child care industry. The ELV Alliance in turn brings technology and business practices to networks of center-based and family child care which allows these business to streamline administrative functions and lower their cost of doing business. Based on technology custom-built for the child care technology, the model ensures fiscal stability and superior business operations which is the foundation for delivering high quality early learning learning services. For more information on the ELV model and benefits to providers, click here.

Moreover, a recent third-party Return on Investment (ROI) study was completed on the ELV shared services model. The results of the study indicate that the ELV model produces significant returns for almost all participating child care providers, with the strongest returns for center-based providers. The full report can be accessed at www.earlylearningventures.org/ROI.

Early Learning Ventures is workiing to improve the quality of child care for thousands and thousands of children. If you are a child care provider and would like to improve quality, save time and lower costs, contact us to learn how. We will help you do what you do best – care for and educate children – and we’ll help with the rest.