December 2, 2014

With Pay for Success financing gaining traction and attention across the country, Chalkbeat Colorado, in cooperation with the Institute for Child Success, will be hosting a half-day conference to bring state and national leaders together to discuss best practices and opportunities for leveraging this model to benefit early childhood programs right here in Colorado.

The event will take place on December 9th and will discuss not only the opportunity it presents for Colorado, but also invites leaders who have implemented the model in other states, like Utah, to shed light on how they have used it and what their key learnings have been to date.

The event will include a keynote, a presentation by Senator Michael Bennet’s office, as well as two panel discussions that will address national and local Pay for Success projects, possibilities, and challenges. Among the panelists will be Early Learning Ventures (ELV) Director Judy Williams. Judy will be discussing how ELV delivers a first-of-its kind network of Alliances that provide child care providers with tools and support. These efforts expand access to quality child care programs by helping providers save time and money, thus allowing them to focus on the most important part of their day – caring for and educating children.

“The ELV Alliance shared services model is currently being used in more than 580 child care centers in Colorado and has shown up to an $8 return for every dollar invested,” says Judy Williams. “We are honored to be participating on the Pay for Success panel, and are looking forward to sharing information about our model while learning from other organizations that have successfully executed a Pay for Success grant,” Judy added.

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