The 15 Best Recruitment Methods You Have to Know

The 15 Best Recruitment Methods You Have to Know

Did you know that over 75% of managers say attracting the right candidates is their hardest challenge? Hiring new employees for your business can be a huge challenge.

Especially as it becomes increasingly difficult to attract potential hires. And knowing effective recruitment methods can make hiring much easier for you. So it's time to get up to date with the latest techniques.

Recruiting quality employees is an essential part of running a successful business. But you need to make your company stand out in the hiring process.

Today we'll discuss some of the latest methods for recruiting new hires. These strategies will help you bolster your staff with the best candidates available. So keep reading and discover the 15 best recruitment methods you need to know.

1. IQ Tests

IQ tests can be an effective tool in your employee recruitment process. Since IQ tests aren't geared towards any specific role, you can use them for any position.

These tests will help you identify intellectual hires for various company jobs. They can also tell you about a new employee's learning abilities and strengths.

2. Unstructured Employment Interview

A lot of managers use an unstructured interview process for new hires. This is when you don't arrange questions in advance. But this is not an effective method.

Unstructured interviews will leave you feeling unsure about a new hire. That's why you'll want to take the extra time to create a structured interview process.

3. Structured Employment Interview

Structured interviews involve setting a pattern and preparing a set of questions for your candidates. This process helps you compare interviewees based on how they answer your questions and removes bias from your final decision.

Structuring your interviews will boost the quality of your recruitment process.

4. Work Sample Tests

Having candidates complete a work sample test is a great way to see their skills before hiring them.

Sample tests will allow you to pre-screen candidates and help you decide if their skills are what your company is looking for. You can use them for nearly every position aside from entry-level jobs. 

5. Job Knowledge Tests

Job knowledge tests are similar to a work sample. But they allow you to test a wider scope of your candidates' abilities. This is a great way to learn how prepared a candidate is to handle the position.

Job knowledge tests can also help you fill important roles by helping you predict a candidate's future performance.

6. Integrity Tests

Integrity tests are a unique way to screen applicants because they help you predict their honesty and dependability.

They can help you choose candidates that will reinforce a positive work environment for your team. Integrity tests may help weed out toxic traits you don't want to bring into your workspace.

7. Conscientiousness Tests

Conscientious people tend to have positive character traits. They're disciplined, reliable, and often trustworthy.

A conscientiousness test can help you identify these character traits in future hires. Conscientiousness is often related to better job performance. And you can use these tests to find higher-quality prospects.

8. Peer Ratings

Peer ratings are an interesting way to examine a candidate's work history. They can help you learn how they handled past roles and work relationships.

This recruitment method is fairly new and shows promise for hiring. But a candidate will need to have existing peer review data. Otherwise, you cant use this method.

9. Reference Checks

Reference checks are a classic strategy among hiring methods. They're a great way to weed out shady candidates from your hunt. You can ask a person's past employers or peers about them and learn if they're reliable.

Reference checks can also help you identify the key traits you prefer in your new hires.

10. Improving Job Postings

If your job postings are low quality, your talent pool will be limited. A low-quality job posting will not stand out to high-quality prospects. And the people you want most could pass over you.

Putting some effort into your job postings can deter low-quality candidates and attract top talent to your company.

11. Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are such a great recruitment method that some companies exclusively rely on them to find new hires.

Referrals within the company can help you hire people your employees will trust. And it can cut down the time you're looking for new hires. Use this method to get leads from within your company.

12. Gamification

Gamification is especially useful for tech companies looking for talent. It's the process of recreating a job in a game scenario. This can be a fun and intriguing way to attract new hires to your company.

Gamification can also help you predict future performance and compare candidates head-to-head.

13. Video Job Postings, Applications, and Interviews

Attention span is quite short these days, so companies need to be innovative. One way to do this is by using video in your recruitment process. Creating video content can help you shorten the hiring process.

Videos can also help you attract more applicants, leaving you with a larger talent pool to choose from.

14. AI-Based Screening Process

Automation is becoming increasingly popular in business. And you could see some benefits if you can find a good AI tool to aid your recruitment process.

AI screening can greatly reduce the time you spend sifting through candidates. And it's a great option for larger companies who want to set high standards for applicants.

15. Hiring Freelancers and Contractors

The freelance world has been steadily on the rise. And companies would be wise to start looking into hiring freelancers for work. Freelancers are a cost-effective option, requiring much less investment than traditional employees.

Plus, it's easy to end a working relationship if you decide you aren't a good fit for each other.

Setting Recruitment Methods Goals

If you're having trouble hiring new recruits, try some of these recruitment methods. Every business has different needs when it comes to hiring new employees, but you're bound to find something in the list that works. 

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