We are Accountable

All areas of ELV’s work are held to higher standards, which come from not only within our organization but also from multiple entities who oversee child care regulations.

In regard to our Quality Child Care Partnerships (QCCP) team, they are held to the Early Head Start (EHS) Performance Standards. These Performance Standards are mandated by the federal government and ensure that we comply with the National Head Start Association. Through both our QCCP Specialists in the field and our leadership team, we strive to meet and exceed numerous standards every day. This isn’t an easy task considering there are around 1,000 Performance Standards our QCCP team is accountable for. Not only that, but the QCCP team has to relay these standards to our EHS partners, making sure they understand and abide by them to stay in compliance.

As for our partners and Client Support team, they are held to Colorado Licensing Rules and Regulations. In order to abide by these, our child management system, Alliance CORE, is Colorado license compliant. Our Client Support team also works to continually update Alliance CORE as Colorado Licensing rules and regulations are ever changing.

At the end of the day, everyone here at ELV is committed to our Cornerstones. Want to learn more about our cornerstones? Check out other blogs from this series.

If you’re interested in learning more about Alliance CORE and the services ELV offers, give us a call today at (844)293-2820.

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