October 30, 2017

Everyone may define excellence a little bit differently. Some may use data to define excellence, while others may define excellence through more qualitative means—like seeing improvement in child language skills or a creating a less stressful work environment for our providers. But, more importantly, how does ELV drive for excellence? Our Client Support Team works daily with our providers to make sure they are utilizing Alliance CORE and the Resource Platform to their full potential. However, when Client Support is on the phone explaining how to use ELV services, while also working to break down language and technology barriers, driving for excellence can sometimes be difficult. But, our team never gives up on our partners. Whether it’s conducting an in-person training or putting in extra time with a provider to make sure they understand how to use our services, our Client Support team goes the extra mile every day so our child care providers can succeed.

Our Specialists also help ELV drive for excellence. From moving around their personal schedules so they can meet with their site director’s one on one to coordinating professional development trainings for their counties, ELV Specialists are always putting our providers first—not to mention the countless hours they put in to improve the quality of care in their county, so our youngest learners have a solid foundation for their future.

The ELV Leadership Team is working at the national level to change legislation to make a difference for our children and families, even coordinating with counties to make sure children and families have the opportunity for affordable—or even free—health services.

While our entire team isn’t included in these examples, our collective drive for excellence comes from our belief in our mission that every child deserves the access to high quality child care.

Although we can’t always guarantee that all children will succeed, if we can make a difference in one child’s life, then it’s well worth it.

Want to see the data? Check out our Annual Report. So yes, we drive for excellence every day and won’t stop until every child has access to high quality child care.