September 20, 2017

This is the fourth blog based on the blog series about our Cornerstones.


Being an Early Head Start grantee and a part of a diverse early childhood education (ECE) community, we have the opportunity to work with a diverse group of individuals every day. Each child has a unique story about his/her family and the obstacles he/she works toward overcoming. We also understand that our community is comprised of all types of cultures, backgrounds, religious beliefs, traditions, and personalities. This is not only a part of our work but also an aspect in all our lives. We embrace and respect the cultural differences that make up our ELV partners and team.

We also respect each other as individuals and professionals. As individuals, we all bring different talents, personalities, and experiences to the team. Together, these differences make us stronger and give our team and partners the opportunity to learn and grow. As professionals, we welcome and respect innovative ideas and challenges that help our team develop. Even though we might not always agree on the same idea or method, we value each other’s opinions and contributions to the organization.

Most of all, we show respect for the ECE industry. We continually work together to underscore the importance of the first few years in a child’s life. Our ECE educators deserve the upmost respect, as they work tirelessly to make sure every child has the critical foundation needed to develop into lifelong learners. These ECE centers and homes are making an enormous impact on our future generation.

As ELV continues to grow across the state—and soon, the nation—we will continually keep in mind that different geographical areas have unique needs and cultures that we value. We have the upmost respect for our early childhood educators and value all of our differences. Even though we are all different in some way, we are stronger together.