What Options Your Child Care Management System Should Have

What Options Your Child Care Management System Should Have

How good is your childcare management system? Increasingly, businesses in the childcare sector are optimizing technology to make management and business administration more efficient and streamlined. Using the right software can help to maximize resources, as well as make the everyday experience of childcare at your facility better for parents and children.

To ensure your organization gets the most value from its childcare management system, it's important to be aware of how it adds value to your childcare facility, as well as identify how it can save you the hassle of manual input, and potentially improve other areas of your business.

Here we consider how a childcare management system that combines the right elements of flexibility, security, and convenience has the capacity to make a marked positive difference to how your facility operates. We also look at how it can improve the childcare experience for parents and children, as well as make life easier for your staff team.


Using a high-grade management system gives you the ability to respond flexibly and dynamically to changing needs. Rather than being a static system, a premium management system contains features that make it much easier to manage your facility no matter where you are or what type of situation you're facing.

The type of features that can make a real difference to flexibility include options such as instant access to data no matter where you are. Particularly in the recent working environment, where remote working or working from a different site has become the norm, being able to manage your software no matter where you are can make a big difference.

Another key feature that's essential to enable timely responses is real-time reporting. From sending out prompt payment reminders through to knowing immediately what current absence rates are, real-time data enables rapid, appropriate responses.

It's vital that every childcare facility has a way of quickly contacting all parents and vice versa. The right software incorporates a reliable communication system, enhancing the childcare experience for staff and parents.

Other features that help to make your software as responsive and useful as possible include a reliable kiosk check-in/check-out feature, accurate attendance tracking, and the ability to quickly produce clear informative reports.


Sound security is important at every level in a childcare setting. Not only is it essential that children are kept safe when they're in your care, but it's also necessary to ensure data is stored securely. Luckily, the right childcare management system can take care of all these issues and more, playing a key role in keeping the children in your care safe.
Some of the security features you can expect to benefit from through the adoption of a high-grade management system include:

  • a staff key-tag time clock - make sure you know exactly who's on-site at any time. Also, automated tracking makes it much easier to calculate hours worked and identify any issues relating to tardiness or unexplained absence.
  • secure data management and secure record keeping. Keeping client and employee data secure isn't just desirable, it's also a legal requirement. Using software that's been designed with security in mind is an important part of minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • manage class ratios. Awareness of the identity and numbers of individuals in your facility at any time makes it easier to deploy staff to the best effect, ensuring class ratios are always appropriately maintained.
  • store medical records safely. Medical records can be tricky to store, as the data is both extremely sensitive and frequently required. Customized software is a great solution, enabling authorized staff members to easily view medical data, at the same time as maintaining data confidentiality and security standards.
  • automated tuition billing. Invoicing becomes much easier and more accurate when the correct information can be generated and sent digitally. Automated billing ensures parents have all the information they need to facilitate prompt, correct payment.


One of the main reasons for installing a childcare management system is to make life easier and more convenient for you, your team, your delivery partners, and your client base. The more tasks can be automated, the more capacity your team has to deal with other matters.
An important task that can be easily completed using a management system is payment. From sending out automated invoices to facilitating online, digital payment for parents, a management system is designed to increase the ease with which your clients can settle up with you.
Not only can your parent payment system be streamlined through the use of a management system, payments to partners, tutors, agencies, and suppliers can also be automated. A good system eliminates the need to keep complex, time-consuming manual records. It's easy to record tutor hours, and/or agency staffing hours as they're accrued. This information can then be used to create timely, accurate invoices as well as keep track of costs.
Invoice payments are automatically tracked, so working out which families need a follow-up invoice or call is simple and fast.

If you want to keep track of prospective families, the system enables you to send out regular bulletins, newsletters, or similar, helping to keep them in the loop and retain an interest in your facility.

A user-friendly, intuitive dashboard makes accessing the management system easy and rapid. The dashboard can be set up to run across multiple sites and is scalable. Whether you're just starting out on your childcare venture, or are a larger enterprise that runs several facilities, a good management system can provide the same high level of security and convenience.

Minimize the Risk of Licensing Violations

A high-grade childcare management system has the ability to improve your business on a number of different fronts. From a better parent experience through streamlined, low-effort administration, enhanced security, better data for future financial and business growth planning, and improved tuition management, there are lots of ways in which the right management system adds value to your business.

In addition, it also aids compliance, helping to prevent the common licensing violations that could jeopardize your business.

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