#WhatsUpWednesday – ECEA of Colorado

Join us as we meet with Dawn Alexander, Executive Director of Early Childhood Education Association (ECEA) of Colorado as she goes over all things ECEA and the value add to the ECE industry.

ECEA of Colorado

Email Dawn: info@coloradoecea.org

In order to ensure that staff can be onboarded without delay, and owner/directors can utilize their authority in determining who is qualified to work in their business, ECEA is recommending that the following verbiage be added to rule 7.702.45A1B&C: “An college degree (Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate) from a regionally accredited college or university with a major area of study in any area other than those listed at 7.702.45A1a, and enough training or ongoing professional development or experience, to meet the criteria for an early childhood credential, along with a signed affidavit with a points sheet that verifies that the credential has been submitted for approval. Documentation is maintained in the file at all times.”

This has to be done by 8/19 so time is running out!!! We need the authority to determine who is qualified to lay in the hands of owners/directors of programs. Share with anyone/everyone!! Register your comments with the state HERE!!

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