#WhatsUpWednesday with Kelly Benshoof of La Maida Project

Launched in 2019, La Maida Project is a non profit organization addressing the mental health crisis by healing our connection to self, community, purpose, and the natural world. At this point in history, we are living in a state of tremendous disconnection from our bodies, our emotions, our relationships, our communities, and from nature. Current attitudes and solutions around mental health treat emotional states as chronic lifelong illnesses, as opposed to human experiences of disconnection and trauma from which we can recover, heal, and grow. We are bringing awareness, education, and programming to the public about solutions that support healing and promote health in community.

La Maida Project’s Ecological Trauma-Informed approach ranges from customized workshops to training programs and large scale projects where healing is manifested through self- empowerment, connection, and community. We offer social, emotional, and mental health education and skill building for small and large groups, educators, caregivers, social welfare professionals, and health providers.


Contact Kelly with any questions: Kelly Benshoof kelly@lamaida.org Contact Rachel with any questions or if you are interested in joining me for a Whats Up Wednesday recording: Rachel Kirk rkirk@earlylearningventures.org https://www.earlylearningventures.org/about/

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