Why Is It Absolutely Necessary To Have Parent Communication In Your Child Care Management Software

Why Is It Absolutely Necessary To Have Parent Communication In Your Child Care Management Software

Parent communication is an indispensable tool in your child care management software. It makes it easier and efficient to involve parents regarding their children's activity in school. If you don't have this feature, consider speaking with your provider to help you include this.

Why Parent Engagement is Important in Child Care

Parent engagement is when both the teacher and parent help a child with their schooling. It happens when parents prioritize their child's education by engaging with their teachers and being proactive with school activities. Below are some of its benefits:

Predicts a Child's Success

Never underestimate the power of parent engagement in the child's success. It's one of the most accurate predictors of a child's academic achievement. Popularity, economic status, or a school's reputation doesn't predict success; parent engagement does. A child is more likely to perform well in school and develop a love of learning when they know that their parents support them. Parents can show their support through engagement.

Benefits for the Child's Attitudes

A child's attitude contributes to success in school. They are likely to become more motivated when they know that their parents are there for them. Parent engagement can positively affect a child's attitude in school; they become more social and don't skip classes. A child performs better in the classroom when parents are always engaged.

Opens up Communication

Two-way communication can enhance parent engagement. When a teacher takes the time to speak to the parent about the child, it's like saying that they value their insights. It's an excellent way to build relationships with the parents. As a result, the child can benefit from it.

Why Go Digital With Parent Communications

Doing paperwork or having multiple files can be time-consuming and costly. Going digital is the way to go if you want to reduce your expenses in running a child care service. It's not only secure, using a child care management software is more efficient especially when it comes to parent communication. Below are the reasons it's best to go digital:

Get More Organized

Suppose you're running a big child care service; it will benefit you to have a child care management software that lets you manage everything from billing to scheduling events and parent communication. There is no need to use your laptop to send emails or your mobile phone to call the parents. You can do everything on the software — and it's seamless, quick, and a lot more organized. You are likely not to make a mistake when you only have one platform for all parent-related communications.

Paperwork is Pricey

Doing everything manually is not only expensive but also time-consuming. You need a budget for recording transactions and also for safekeeping. And imagine how long it would take to do everything manually. You may need more workforce for that. If you want to save money, go digital, especially with parent communication. Having only one software equipped with features that you need can do wonders for your business.

More Accessibility

By going digital, there is no need to go to the office to retrieve a file. You can access any file or record so long as you have a device and an internet connection. It makes things a lot easier for both the parent and the teacher. However, you need to make sure that you have a child care management software that offers the best features to maximize its benefits.

More Accountability

When there is a good system in place, it's easier to take accountability for your actions. Ensure that the child care management software you invest in has all the features that you need to avoid mistakes or errors.

How to Add Parent Communication to Your Child Care Management Software

Having a child care management software is beneficial for your business. However, you do need to learn how to maximize its usage. Below are some tips to add parent communication to your software. 

  • Decide what information to go digital with. To make you more organized, it's essential that you know the type of data that you want for your child care management software. Examples of these include daily sheets, monthly reports, assessments, and attendance.
  • Collect parent emails & phone numbers. It would help to have the parents' email addresses and phone numbers, just in case. Having both of this information would come in handy, especially when there are changes to schedules or need anything from the parents. 
  • Work closely with your child care management software provider to implement this feature. Remember how parent communication plays a role in a child's success in school. If you don't know how to use this feature or don't have this feature in your child care management software, we encourage you to contact your provider to implement this feature. 
  • Tell parents about the upcoming change. As soon as you have integrated this feature into your child care management software, ensure to inform parents about it and encourage them to use it. 
  • Get all staff trained on the new feature. Ensure that your team knows how to properly use this feature to reduce errors and other mistakes.
  • Collect feedback from parents & staff. Feedback and other comments from staff and parents can help you improve your service.

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