#WhatsUpednesday with Lucy Soffer to share about Vroom

Lucy joined Parent Possible in 2020. In her role as Vroom Partner Manager, she is responsible for building and sustaining a diverse network of Vroom partners throughout Colorado. Her work includes seeking out trusted messenger organizations and institutions to partner with, as well as providing training, communication, and support to current partners to ensure effective implementation of Vroom.

Parent Possible oversees and promotes evidence-based home visiting and parent engagement programs, that ensure Colorado parents have the tools, resources, information, and confidence they need to reach their potential as their child’s most important teacher, trainer, and mentor.

The first five years of life are critically important to children’s future learning and success. Vroom takes the limited time parents have and makes it easy (and fun!) for parents to have a positive impact on their children's brain development.

Vroom tips are available in 17 languages and are easy to access for free through virtual resources (Vroom.org, a smartphone app, Vroom-by-Text, social media channels) and through print resources and public installations that promote on-the-spot learning and engagement. Vroom tips give parents access to over 1,000 fun, easy activities that boost children's brain development and strengthen parent-child relationships. 

To learn more about Parent Possible please visit https://parentpossible.org/ Or contact Lucy Soffer at: lucy@parentpossible.org Here is a short survey to get in touch about partnership: https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/787771...

To learn more about Vroom or to start utilizing it please visit: https://www.vroom.org/ Lucy has also joined us in the past for a Webinar on brain building with Vroom.

You can access this webinar here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDBVP...

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