#WhatsUpWednesday with Cindy Lawton on the Shared ECE Resource Platform CO

Cindy Lawton is an Early Head Start Child Care Partnership Specialist with Early Learning Ventures and she is here to talk to us about the shared services resource platform in the state of Colorado. Cindy has a background as a director at a childcare center and has lots of experience with utilizing the free resource platform and will be sharing with us how its helped to save her time and money! The resource platform is available in 33 states and the district of Columbia. To see if it is available in your state, click here: https://www.ecesharedresources.com/wo...If you are located in Colorado and would like to create an account to access these free resources click here: https://www.sharedeceresourcesco.org/...

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback or suggestions for these Whats Up Wednesday videos, please email Rachel at: rkirk@earlylearningventures.org Or our client support team at: elvclientsupport@earlylearningventures.org To learn more about Early Learning Ventures or for a demo on the Alliance CORE childcare management system, click here: https://www.earlylearningventures.org...

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