#WhatsUpWednesday with Tamera Sakotas from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Tamera Sakotas serves as a Teacher Programs Consultant at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS) where she provides training and support for educators in three areas: Best Practices in Science Education, Mind and Brain Education and Nature and Environmental Literacy.
Tamera holds a BFA from the University of Florida at the New World School of the Arts and a master’s degree in International Education from the New York University.
She is a passionate and driven educator with an interest in elevating youth's curiosity, creativity and intrinsic motivation through the development of unique learning experiences.
Tamera is committed to providing equitable opportunities for youth living in inequitable environments. When not working, Tamera can be found in nature, with her brilliant and sassy kiddo, or in a yoga studio.
The DMNS is the third largest museum of nature and science in the country, but they are proud to host the most robust educational programing of them all. Today Tamera joins us to share about her area of expertise, which is Teacher Professional Development.
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